Is “agreeance” a proper word?

When people talk about being in accordance with someone or something, they may choose to say the word “agreeance” to describe it. However, it must be noted that “agreeance” does not agree with Word processors. How is it that a word so commonly heard and used is not accepted by these grammatical tools? Well, simply put, it’s because terms like “agreeance” are not actually proper words.

Sometimes, creating words becomes second nature. If someone wants to expressing agreeing with someone, it is instinctive to take the word “agree” and make it into a noun. Due to the nature of a vowel ending on a word like “agree”, a natural step might be to transform “agree” to “agreeance” without considering its possible irregularity in transforming between parts of speech.

Although many dictionaries might recognized “agreeance” as being a word for “the act of agreeing”, they also often identify the word as slang or as a bastardization of “agreement” – the real term to be used in this case. In other words, no, it is not recognized as a proper word in the English language. This, however, does not mean it is not comprehensible when used in speech or written work. It merely falls into a category of words that are commonly used that are really just part of learned behavior and learned speech.

Remember, the next time you discuss your “agreeance” with something”, the word you’re searching for is “agreement” – a subtle but meaningful difference.

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