“My wife and I’s seafood collaboration dinner”

The statement “My wife and I’s seafood collaboration dinner is not a question. It is an incomplete statement and grammatically incorrect. The pronoun “I” cannot be a possessive noun in any sentence. The grammatically correct statement is: I and my wife’s seafood collaboration dinner.

The second part of the compound subject must begin with “I” in order to correctly state that both “I” and “wife” are part of the same subject of the statement. As to seafood collaboration dinner, depending on the future predicate and sentence object, this is also grammatically incorrect.

There is no articulation of how the seafood collaboration dinner relates to the compound subject. There is also lack of clarification as to the relationship to the possessive compound subject.

As it is written, the question is wholly unclear and disenfranchised from creating a point to the statement. All sentences must have a subject and predicate. This statement fulfills only half of that requirement.

As read with grammatical correction, “I and my wife’s seafood collaboration dinner” has no meaningful purpose or point. More is required about the seafood collaboration dinner of “I and my wife’s?”

What is the intent of the phrase? As it stands, even with grammatical correction, the statement is vacuous and inspires only the question of why it was written with such brevity.

This also cannot be written in the interrogative tense unless it is in response to prior communication. Example: “I and my wife’s seafood collaboration dinner?”

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