Synonym for “such as”

When writing in particular, it is important to keep a variety of conjunctions and to use a thesaurus to add variation in a final product. Adding this variety keeps something interesting and easy to read. If listing a number of examples in a writing piece, conjunctions that serve this function become necessary. Finding variety can be a challenge. One example of such a conjunction is the phrase “such as”. In what cases is “such as” used and what other variations of this expression can be used in writing pieces?

“Such as” is another way of saying “for example”, or even “like”, or “of a kind that”. Although similar in word choice but not word order, “such as” has a different meaning that “as such”. “As such” describes the degree or extent to which something is a certain way. “Such as”, on the other hand, lists out examples that follow the conversation. An example of this would be the following sentence: “He went to the store to buy basic food items, such as flour, eggs, and salt.” Other ways of writing this sentence could be: “He went to the store to buy basic food items, for example…” or “including things like…” or “e.g.” or even “i.e.”, just to name a few.

More specifying synonyms for “such as” might be expression like “including, but not limited to”, “as well as”, or even “one of many examples being”. The phrase “such as” leaves a lot of creativity to the writer for adding variety.


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