What does “thot” mean and when was it first used?

The word “thot” has more than one meaning. Most basically, it is a lazier way of typing “thought” in conversation. By excluding the ‘ugh’, the word is theoretically easier to write and therefore used a lot in text conversations, instant messaging, and even on platforms like Twitter than require condensed messages. This version of “thot” likely came into existence as the social world shifted to a highly phone- and internet-oriented way of communication.

In more recent years, however, “thot” has taken on a new shape. Defined as “that ho over there”, this kind of “thot” is meant to describe a promiscuous but well-dressed woman. The plural, “thotties”, and the adjective, “thot”, make the word very flexible and pun-friendly. It is also easy to rhyme with other words, making it a catchy choice for many rap songs. In fact, rap is where this term originated.

Chicago is often credited for the creation and widespread use of the term “thot”. In Chief Keef’s song, “Love No Thotties”, the word and its versatility is used throughout the lyrics. As this word has gained traction in the music industry, so have other closely related expressions and puns. “Thot pocket”, “thot sauce”, and “penny for your thot” are just a few examples of how the word can be used. #YouKnowYouAThot is a hashtag that has made its rounds on the internet. The brevity of the word, its ability to be rhymed into funny puns, and its slang quality has made it popular on memes too.


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