What is a good synonym for “interesting”?

One little word that has so many synonyms in the English language is “interesting.” The simple definition of the adjective “interesting,” according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, is “attracting your attention and making you want to learn more about something or to be involved in something.” Interesting describes a person, place or things that arouses your curiosity and catches your attention. Since much of what we write or talk about is interesting to us, it is an adjective that gets thrown around a lot. Luckily, there are many synonyms for interesting that can be used instead.

Used in a sentence, it indicates that the subject is something which you might want to learn more about, such as “It was the most interesting book I have ever read,” or “There was something interesting about her that drew me in.” Interesting can have two slightly different connotations, which determines which synonyms might be best used in its place.

Something that is interesting might be stimulating. It may make you think and pique your interest. In that case, you might also describe it as thought-provoking, engaging, curious or appealing. If it is especially interesting it might be attention-grabbing, beguiling, stimulating or intriguing.

You could also describe something as interesting if it grabs you and holds your attention. An interesting thing draws you in and captures you. Other words with similar meanings are absorbing, engrossing, riveting, mesmerizing, enthralling, captivating, spell-binding, exciting, fascinating, or entrancing. An informal word, when describing a book in particular, is unputdownable. Someone or something that is exciting is likely noteworthy and out of the ordinary, extraordinary even, and unforgettable

The antonyms of interesting are boring, uninteresting, or dull.


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