Why is karma a bitch?

We’ve all heard the expression “Karma’s a bitch.” There are some who might wonder why karma is a bitch and to understand this figure of speech; they must first examine the meaning of karma.

Karma is a spiritual principle that what goes around comes around. If a person is full of good intent and performs good deeds, that the person will enjoy a lifetime or an afterlife of peace. This also goes to say that if a person operates on bad intent, wrongs others, and wishes ill-will toward others that they will later experience misery and hardship in their lifetime or after-life.

Many people believe that karma is tied hand-in-hand with reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that when a person dies, their soul resurrects into another living being; which could be a tree, an insect, a teacher, a pilot, or even a career criminal. A person who spent their life abusing others may be reincarnated as a person who is themselves abused. A kind person, however, may find themselves reincarnated as someone’s prized pet dog or cat.

When we say “karma’s a bitch,” we are referring to the unpleasantries that usually follow a set of actions. A person does not have to be dead to experience this. An eighth-grade class bully may find himself to be the victim of bullying once he reaches high school. As the bully became the bullied, one of his victims might point out that “karma’s a bitch,” because the bully is now receiving the same or similar treatment that he had previously bestowed upon others.

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